Friday, January 21, 2011

That's Life...

Most mornings Ryan takes Lilah to her baby sitters. She lives on the other side of town and since he tends to start his morning close to the area it works out for him to drop her off. On the rare occasion that he can’t take her to Linda’s it is up to me to get her there. Usually I enjoy doing this because it means that I get a few extra minutes with my baby before I head off to work. Today was supposed to be one of those mornings. Focus on the word supposed to.

I started off the morning with a flourish… waking up before the alarm on my phone hit six and getting myself ready for work before I even got Lilah out of bed. I was in high spirits, it’s Friday and then end of a long week and I managed to get myself and Lilah out of the house with plenty of time to get coffee and put gas in my car. (Lilah looked adorable by the way- it was her first day of wearing pigtails) After getting gas we hop on I-35 and start the journey to the babysitter. And that is when it happened. Flat tire, below zero temperatures, the skies are spitting snow and I have a one year old in my backseat. Fighting back tears I called triple A and explained my situation; being sure to express a sense of urgency at the low temperatures and the fact that my daughter is in the back seat. A tow truck showed up a little over an hour later and my car is now getting a new tire. Apparently the broken tire had a hole in the side of it. Who knew? Thankfully my mom met me and Lilah on the side of the interstate and got us where we needed to be. Regardless it wasn’t the way I wanted to start my day and now instead of being at work I want to put on some warm clothes and go watch tv. To quote Billy Joel, l would like to forget about life for awhile.

And to quote Frank Sinatra…. That’s Life.

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  1. What, you didn't get out and change the tire yourself? Just kidding, I wouldn't know where to begin if I had a flat tire, other than calling Chris.
    Hopefully your day gets better!!