Monday, July 6, 2009


Shannon and I just got home from our first trip to Chicago together. We stayed with Aunt Marion and had a blast hanging out with her. After a long drive Friday morning we hit up Ikea and then went back home for an early dinner. Saturday we took the train into Chicago and then a bus over to Wrigley Field where we watched the Cubs take on the Brewers. Although the Cubs lost we still had a blast and even got a free Cubs hat as a 4th of July promotion. Sunday we spent the morning at the Field Museum and then ventured over to Michigan Avenue for the last day of the Taste of Chicago. Despite the sunburns we both had a great time and can't wait to explore more of Chicago.

Sporting our free Cubs hats outside Wrigley Field. Pretty awesome.

Ryan with Aunt Marion before we headed off on Sunday.

Ryan was inspired by the Pirate Exhibit at the Field Museum and wore this hat for the rest of the day. Tiffany beware... Chris and Levi now have one as well.

Ending the day in front of the fountains.