Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Santa Experience

Last night we decided it was time to take Lilah to see Santa Claus. She had a brief encounter with him last year (in which she wore a reindeer costume) but given that she was only a few months old she approached the whole Santa situation with a very laissez-faire attitude. This year was a completely different story.

We got to the mall around 5:15 or so but unbeknownst to us Santa was on a cookie break until 5:30pm. Since the line was already to the front door of the Gap we decided that we would grab a spot and just wait it out. (Turns out that is easier said then done when you have a one year old) 35 or so minutes later and lots of chasing Lilah as she ran to explore the mall surroundings; it was finally her turn to come face to face with the jolly bearded man in the red suit.

How did she take it? You be the judge!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mommy's Little Fashion Statement

The other day Lilah and I decided to go through some of her old clothes in order to pass them on to Finley. Here is what happened when Lilah decided to take it upon herself to get dressed ... (not in the picture are a pair of fuzzy pink boots she has on her feet)