Monday, April 19, 2010

Could it be??? A new blog???

So after many comments, questions and concerns regarding our lack of blog upkeep I figured it was time to post. So many things have happened since we last updated the blog; new jobs, a new condo, a wedding in the works and I am sure so much more that I am forgetting. Lilah is now almost eight months old and growing so fast. She is newly mobile... crawling after anything and everything that catches her eye. Ryan and I are both so excited about how much she is developing... I can't believe that time has passed so quickly. Here are a few pics from Lilah:

Her first stroller ride without her car seat!!!

Such a little lady :) Gotta love the scowl

Lilah enjoying her mixed veggies... she also likes mac and cheese. She totally takes
after mom and dad when it comes to her love of food.

Lilah playing outside in her Jeep.