Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Pictures

Lilah's babysitter had the day off yesterday so she got to spend a few hours playing with Aunt Jenny. Lilah seemed to enjoy herself as she got to spend the day eating Cheerios, playing in her Jeep and taking naps. Here are a few pictures to document their adventures:

For those of you who had any doubts... Lilah's orneriness shines through.

Lilah trying to climb on her car. Lately she tries to climb on everything.

Falling doesn't seem to bother her.

Taking a quick break for some apple juice.

Funny... she NEVER takes naps for mom and dad.

Lookin unusually calm in her jeep...

Hehehhehehe... thats our girl :)

This is one of my favorites. Apparently she went through three outfits yesterday due to diaper mishaps.

Lilah and her Cheerios...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lazy days...

It was a pretty calm weekend in the Hopper/Hedges household. Both Ryan and I have been battling a dreadful cold virus- just when one of us starts to think we escaped its nasty reigns the other starts sniffling and sneezing again and so the cycle repeats itself. We did take Lilah to see her first 4th of July fireworks on Friday (which was really July 9 but who is keeping track) and while she loved playing with her soccer ball and watching all the people, she really wasn’t too impressed with the actual firework show. The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out at home and catching up on Season Three of True Blood on our newly installed free cable!!!

Lilah will be turning one next month (I can’t believe it!!!) so the process of planning her first birthday party is in the works. Since we often call Lilah ladybug we decided it would be the perfect theme to kick off her jump into toddlerhood. We will be sending out invitations soon!!!!

Daddy and Lilah before the fireworks started!

Holding up her hand for a high five! Notice the puff stuck to her chin :)

Sitting in her chair on the patio!

I really don't think she could be any cuter!