Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Santa Experience

Last night we decided it was time to take Lilah to see Santa Claus. She had a brief encounter with him last year (in which she wore a reindeer costume) but given that she was only a few months old she approached the whole Santa situation with a very laissez-faire attitude. This year was a completely different story.

We got to the mall around 5:15 or so but unbeknownst to us Santa was on a cookie break until 5:30pm. Since the line was already to the front door of the Gap we decided that we would grab a spot and just wait it out. (Turns out that is easier said then done when you have a one year old) 35 or so minutes later and lots of chasing Lilah as she ran to explore the mall surroundings; it was finally her turn to come face to face with the jolly bearded man in the red suit.

How did she take it? You be the judge!

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