Monday, January 31, 2011

Lilah is a Diaper Bunny!!

Here are a few pictures from Lilah's tumbling class. She started a few weeks ago as a Diaper Bunny and takes classes on Saturday mornings. There is seriously nothing cuter than the seeing your one year old daughter in her little leotard and pigtails for the first time.

At first glance I expected the class to be more of an open gym type environment but it is actually quite structured. Sure I want her to learn the proper way to walk on the balance beam or swing from the bars but in all reality she isn't even a year and a half old, not to mention she can't even reached the toddler sized bars they have set up in the classroom. (Nor can she reach the rings which in my opinion creates a mild case of disinterest of these activities on her part. Can't say that I blame her) I realize that seventeen months may be a little young to enroll a child in tumbling class but all in all she is doing really well and seems to be having a great time. The teacher encourages the parents to assist their children with proper techniques for sommersaults and cartwheels often times using elevated mats in order to help them out. While this works for some of the older kids in her class (12-24 month class)Lilah would rather just dive over and off the mats (as you can see in the picture below). One thing is to be certain... the child has no fear whatsoever.


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