Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday Lilah got to celebrate Daddy’s birthday for the very first time. She started the day off with a bang, waking up early in order to hang flashy Happy Birthday signs from the ceilings and walls of our dining room. She tried to patiently await Ryan’s exit from the bedroom to see her lovely handiwork but patience is not a virtue that our daughter possesses and she ended up crawling into the bedroom to get him before he could come out. She was very excited to give Daddy her gift, a set of Stars Wars pancake molds and a subscription to Draft magazine. After the morning excitement it was time to head to the babysitters house.

The evening brought about more celebrations with a trip to Café di Scala. Lilah had her first bites of the famous homemade cavatelli and red sauce, bites in which she enjoyed almost a little to much for a nine month old. She also got to try a bit of our dessert… something tells me our ladybug is going to be a foodie at a very young age!!! We were both so proud of how well behaved she was, despite being up almost an hour and half past her normal bedtime. Once again I forgot to take pictures (I really need to work on that)but a great time was had by all. Happy Birthday Ryan!!

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