Monday, May 17, 2010

Rebel Yell

Once upon a time in small Midwestern city there lived a man, a woman and a baby. The baby was of the most beautiful variety and quickly captured the hearts of everyone around her. It was a seemingly peaceful existence, and folks would often comment on the good nature of the happy child. But then one day the baby turned 8 1/2 months old and realized she had a voice. And what was once a peaceful home became ripe with the yells, cries and general musings of a little girl we shall call Lilah.

Aw yes, it has happened. Lilah has discovered how to yell and practices any chance she gets, no matter the occasion. Whether it be when we dress her in the mornings or go for a ride in the car, chances are her little voice will be yelling away. I am often left in awe of how such a tiny little person can be so full of noise, personality and spark and am curious to know if this is just a mere glimpse into the future personality of our darling daughter. While it does tend to, at times, get rather noisy in our home, I must admit I love hearing her voice and can’t wait until the day when real words will come out. (So far she does say mama and dada!!)

One thing that really makes her yell…. Grass. Whether it’s the strange texture on her feet when she is used to playing on carpet or if the grass is poky, I guess I won’t ever know. I have been told that this is a common thing with babies…. I am guessing she will soon outgrow it. In the meantime here is a picture to commemorate her experience:

Here is a pic of Lilah doing one of her favorite things: capturing Finn. (Who really could care less for the interaction).

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